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Fur Hats

Fur HatsEach of our fur hats are one-of-a-kind, made from prime tanned Fall and Winter pelts. Each hat is detailed with period correct beadwork and trim when requested. The cost of the hat is based on the hide cost and the amount of detailing you want. Above you can see (top to bottom and left to right) a beaver trappers hat, a classic coonskin (shades of D.Crockett or D.Boone), a coyote and a Hudson Bay style raccoon (note the HB Beaver token on the front).

Skunk HatSkunk Hat
This little beauty is a skunk hat. Now that's a hat with attitude!

Coyote Hat
Coyote hat

Each hat is lined and comes complete with sweatband. As with all of our work each hat is hand made (no machine quickies) to your wants and needs. E-mail or call for a quote.

Montana Peaks Hat Gallery

From Colonials to Cowboys...from Grenadiers to Gunfighters, if it can be worn on your head and made out of fur felt.....Richard (Lion Choker...now there's a story) and Laura can build it.  Each hat is hand cut, shaped and formed using traditional hat making methods for a truly one-of-a-kind original. Having apprenticed under the master hat maker, Jim Pruitt, they are carrying on not only the name Montana Peaks Hat Company but it's tradition of craftsmanship and quality.

*Prices subject to change without notification. Click to enlarge

Custom Made Hats

Any shape hat, any style hat, any head size - price is the same.
Brims over 4" require a larger brimmed hat body.

If you want to view hat during final finishing and shaping - email us, we will send you a picture.

If you send an old hat that fits,
we can use size and shape the head oval of the new hat!

Current pricing as of April 2008
Prices subject to change - please contact us to confirm

7X 100% Rabbit Fur Felt*
50X 50% Beaver Fur Felt*
100X 100% Beaver Fur Felt*
*Tall Bodies and Extra Broad Brims additional
$  25.00
Hat Refurbishing
Complete Renovation
(clean, block shape, ribbon, sweatband, lining)
Clean, Block, Shape
Block Stiffen, Shape
Stiffen & Shape Brim Only
Stretch only or Stiffen only
New Sweat Band
Repair Sweat Band
Ribbon Sash/Bow
Replace Lining
Pencil Roll
Bound Edge
Self Band with Buckle

$  65.00
$  50.00
$  40.00
$  40.00
$  15.00
$  10.00
$  30.00
$  15.00
$  20.00
$  15.00
$  15.00
$  35.00
$  45.00
$  15.00
$  20.00

Laura at work

From the initial blank and molding, to the perfect crease and fold, right down to the final details, each hat is a one of a kind reflection of quality hat making.

Wide brimmed, tall crowned, flat top or fedora, antiqued or fresh off the shelf, the look will be exactly what you are looking for.

Style, quality and color are not problem for the folks at Montana Peaks Hat Company.
Rodeo or reenactor, your hat is waiting for you!

These are just a few examples of previous hats made to put a smile on any customer's face.

Montana Peaks makes replicas of famous hats....and hats that the wearer will make famous.
Pick your movie, pick your star, pick your hat - Montana Peaks will make it!

No matter what era you want, from Ned Buntline and Tom Horn to Tom Mix, Montana Peaks can put you under the right head gear.

No job is too big...and "I want one just like my ol' favorite!" are right up Montana Peaks alley.

Like all Medicine River Trading Company crafters, the hats from Montana Peaks Hat Company come with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction.
Jack in his Bowler

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