MRTC Internet DesignIf you wanted someone to know what you look like, you could give a child a crayon and tell them to draw your picture. could have an artist create a true picture that really reflects who you are.  There is a new world waiting to meet you on the world wide web. That world will be looking to see who and what you are.  Don't you think you should have more than an untrained crayon pusher working for you?

MRTC is a subsidiary of Positive Images, a company that has been chartered in the State of Montana for more than 15 years.  A company created to develop the most positive public relation tools possible for its clients.  We know it is important to offer the best possible design and maintenance of web sites for our clients.  MRTC can offer you world class web design at home town pricing.

Remember, first impressions do count.  Let MRTC put your best foot forward.  Email, call or fax for a free consultation.  

Look at some of our sites
Medicine River Trading Company
Prairie Breeze Quarter Horses
Westwind Ranch
Melody Music
Valier Area Development Corporation
East Slope Realty
Dave and Donna Johnson Ranch
Spartan Promotions Montana
Hide and Soul
Northern Rockies Educational Services
Haight Quarter Horses
Stone School Inn Bed & Breakfast
Golden Triangle Cooperative
Pondera Regional Port Authority
Diamond Bar Lazy A Quarter Horses
Montana Educational Consortium

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