Jack and Jere's Pictures

Jack and Tasha Jack and Jere on the road of life!
3 Generations - Izzak Walton Inn Dec 2003 | Jack and Jere on the road of life! Goat Lick August 2009 (Thanks Shanna)

OK, so here is my media picture... She's growing up! Tasha's prom 2006 picture Matt and Kate 2006

Matt, K8 and Lily January 2010 \ Grandpa's Gurl | Mark n Max 2013

Uncle Fuzzie, ??,  Grant, Donna, Kate, Matt, Jere, Jack (2008)Natasha 2009 in FresnoJack and Jere at Goat Lick (Glacier NP) 2009

Natasha and Delylla Mae 2011

Noah 2016 ~ Lylith 2017~ Zion and Zeke 2018

Grampa, Delylla, Noah and Lylith at Serranos Mexican Restaurant 2016 (East Glacier Park, MT)

 Baby Bubba (Jack's birthday present) 2009 - 2011 PC (MeowMa) and Bubba 2009

Thomas and his new friend - Yogo OnoYogo Ono - 11 months old Dec 2007 gone June 2011Yogo and HER toy

Victoria n PC 2007 Thomas - an apricot point siamese 2006Thomas all grown up 2007

Victoria "the Princess" (2001-2009)
PC (Penelope Candice) and Shiner snuggling
Dats - Shiner (2000-2005) and Samantha Ann (1996-2004)

Shiner's World
Silver Belle - the self appointed queen died 2007

What we see in the summer from the back yard
The view of Lake Frances and The Rocky Mountain Front out our back door

Honey (a Golden Rescued) and Echo Ann (Sammie's baby born 1998) in 2005

Bert (1989-2005)

The store cats will be glad to help you!

Smokey Sunset over Lake Frances
The pictures below were taken September 12, 2006.  The smoke is from the Rival Nanny Complex forest fire.
Same time - different camera settings...

smokey Sunset over Lake Frances Sept 12, 2006

smokey Sunset over Lake Frances Sept 12, 2006

The two pictures below are screen shots from the Glacier National Park St. Mary's web cam July 29 and 30, 2006.
The web cam just happened to be pointed at the fire and was very interesting to watch.
The web cam is now pointed a little further west because so many people kept calling to report smoke plumes.
Check out the plane getting ready to drop fire retardant.

Some sunset pictures from the area that Jere has taken
Westwind Ranch sunset
Sunrise over hwy 44
a summer sunrise

Favorite spots in Glacier National Park
a waterfall at the Continental Divide near Logan Pass on Going To The Sun Highway
Glalcier National Park
Sinopah Mountain Two Medicine Campground Glacier National Park

Smith family portrait

This is a family portrait. Taken at Red Lodge Mountain Man Rendezvous, 1995.  Red Lodge, Montana.

Tasha and Friend, the nicest cat you ever met, unless you were a cat (or a dog).

Tasha and Friend

Goose Island, Glacier National Park

Probably, one of the MOST photographed vistas in Montana, and certainly in Glacier National Park.  Goose Island in Saint Mary's Lake.

These are hanging gardens on the Going-To-The-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park.  Hanging gardens, I'm sure glad I don't have to weed them!

hanging gardens, Glacier National Park

Red Lodge Rendezvous camp

Jack and Capt' Billy leaning at a Red Lodge Mountain Man Rendezvous.

A couple of Glacier National Park wannabe hitchhikers.  Found at Many Glaciers.

goats at Many Glaciers

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